About Us

our history

CBB Pharma (“Compliance Beyond Borders”) was founded in October 2013 by Dr Giuseppe Di Benedetto. The CBB Pharma network originally covered the UK and the Nordics, but has since extended to the rest of Europe. As our network has grown, so has the list of services that we offer. We now have dedicated teams for consultancy, training and quality management.

We strive to remain at the forefront of the compliance field. Compliance is constantly evolving, and throughout our history our team has been able to innovate and adapt. In 2015, for example, CBB Pharma assisted clients in the first round of EFPIA disclosures of transfers of value from pharmaceutical companies. It is in this spirit that we look forward to the compliance challenges to come. From Brexit to changing business practices, to the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the introduction of new technology – CBB Pharma is ready.

our mission

CBB Pharma exists to meet your compliance needs. We provide support to the pharmaceutical industry and associated agencies, ensuring that all their medical and commercial activities are compliant with laws, regulations and industry codes across Europe. In doing so, we follow two principles:

1. Compliance is an art, not a science

In all their activities, companies must follow not only the letter but also the spirit of the rules. As such, compliance is not, and cannot be, a box-ticking exercise. Our experienced team has the expertise necessary to be able to advise in those areas where the relevant rulebooks are vague or silent.

2. A holistic approach to compliance

At CBB Pharma, we recognise that compliance cannot be solely the responsibility of your company compliance team. To mitigate and control risk, there has to be a culture of compliance across the organisation, as well as in associated agencies. This calls for a holistic approach to compliance, involving medical affairs, commercial teams and third parties. We are committed to promoting this approach across the industry.